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The Stoner Mom's Guide to a Safe & Plentiful Grow

The Inevitable Stoner Dilema

Here you are, enjoying this new era of legal marijuana. You're using cannabis regularly and you're loving the positive ways it is enhancing your daily life. But your pot budget seems to keep increasing, and inevitably, every responsible stoner has the same stoned epiphany: 

Can't I just grow this stuff myself?! 

Actually, yes! Growing marijuana safely at home does not need to involve spending thousands on confusing equipment, trolling unsupportive online communities, or getting arrested.

We wrote our ebook to help normal people just like you set up their own cannabis grow in the comfort of their own homes, safely and responsibly. We have been growing our own cannabis since 2014 and have gone through enough grow cycles to refine our technique and know exactly how to cultivate our own medicine. 

With the Grow Your Own ebook you will learn the exact method used in The The Stoner Mom's home, and you'll gain the confidence needed to set up a home grow of your own. 

You'll Learn:

  • How to set up a safe grow space without breaking the bank 
  • All about our preferred sustainable and enviornmentally-friendly grow medium: coco coir.
  • Pros and cons of different lighting options, and our exact lighting setup  
  • The ABC's of nutrients. You won't even need a horticulture degree. 
  • All about bugs, yuck. Our grow method is highly bug resistant, but should your grow have a few unwanted outsiders, we'll tell you how to get rid of them. 
  • The steps involved in harvesting your final product. Trimming, drying, curing and enjoying.
  • The must-haves and maybes. A complete shopping list of materials for starting a home cannabis grow from the ground up. 
  • 13 week guided grow section: a complete step by step guide for your first grow. Tips, steps, and reminders to get your from seed to harvest. 

Grow Your Own

The Stoner Mom's Guide to a Safe and Plentiful Cannabis Grow

Three Formats to Choose From

Just The Book

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Full color ebook  

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The Audio Set

Grow Your Own ebook + audiobook


Full color ebook

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The Bonus Set 

Grow Your Own ebook + audiobook + 8 bonus podcasts  


Full color ebook

Audiobook read by The Stoner Mom  

Eight downloadable podcasts. Kathryn & David getting high and getting into deeper conversation about:

Setting up your grow space Coco Coir Lights Seeds & Clones Nutrients Supplies Bugs Harvesting 

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